Future Borders

April 26, 2024 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
AEAC Diane Sabatino Acting Executive Assistant Commissioner (AEAC) /Office of Field Operations (OFO), US CBP
Christina Peach Deputy Assistant Administrator, Requirements & Capabilities Analysis /Transport Security Administration, USA
Danilo Diniz Correia Implementation Assistant /International Organization for Migration, Argentina
Emmanuel Wang Vice-President Governance, Travel & Transport Business Line /IDEMIA, France
Lizeth Lema Matehu Project Manager /International Organization for Migration, El Salvador
Oksana Kurysheva Associate Programme Officer /OSCE
Rocco Messina Head of Border Security and Management Unit /UN OCT
Sabine Kloss-Tullius Head of Applications Processing Unit /European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) - ETIAS

It is now clear that entry/exit systems are future of our borders and that API/PNR data is fundamental to their successful implementation. But how is that implementation progressing, especially at our maritime and green borders where there is little or no experience in the use of these technologies and data systems, and where conditions make it much more challenging, like busy ferry ports or secluded border crossings points or harbours?
As passengers in general want technology to make travel simpler, governmental movements towards new forms of border control with the use of Digital Identity are with public-private cooperation. What is the changing landscape of API/PNR and how will that data and systems be managed as it rolls out across the world and are Trusted Traveller Programmes based on API/PNR data the future.
What’s the latest thought leadership in enhancing border protection and management to counter the ever-changing challenges?