Market Information

Governments around the world need to continue to invest in their border security, as a wide range of threats, such as combating terrorism, controlling the movement of goods and monitoring personnel across international borders, continue to pose challenges requiring round the clock monitoring.

With new products and technologies continually being developed and introduced to tackle increasing and new security threats, the value of the global border security market is estimated at almost £20bn annually.

Despite the expansion of international agreements in Europe and Asia, reducing the number of secured international borders, threats from international terrorism continues, and cross-border crime and illegal immigration continues to remain a top priority for border security.

The border security market is likely to feel the impact of cuts in public spending, particularly in Europe and theUS, however with concerns over homeland security likely to remain high, means that whilst growth may slow, the market will continue to steadily grow.

Investment in border security in the developing countries of Asia and the Middle East will also continue to grow, supporting the increased spend, whilst international sporting events taking place in developing countries will also drive market growth.