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SITA is the air transport industry’s IT provider, delivering solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft and governments. Our technology powers more seamless, safe and sustainable air travel.


DefSecIntel Solutions (DSI) is freedom defenders’ partner in surveillance and control. More than 25 years of team experience within defense and security industries, in more than 25 countries, helping protect borders and law enforcement. Defsecintel is focused on developing and integrating autonomous and automated surveillance solutions for homeland security, defense agencies, and critical infrastructure sectors.


CASRA is an interdisciplinary team of scientists, security experts, and software engineers with a common purpose and mission. The Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA) was founded in 2008. But its roots go back to the Visual Cognition Research Group (VICOREG) of the University of Zurich.


Borders are the first lines of a country’s defence, and the movement of trade across them is critical to the health of economies across the globe. The OSCE committed itself to achieving a balance between the need to maintain security against the cross-border threats and the freedom of movement for persons, goods, services and investments. Co-operation among participating States is key to this border management and security strategy, in particular on international risks such as drug trafficking, terrorism, migration, transport security and organized crime.

The European Association of Airport & Sepaort Police aims  to prevent criminal activity affecting international transport of passengers and cargo; encourage and develop exchange of information among law enforcement agencies at air and sea ports; study policy methodology and endorse best practice; reduce loss of property in transit; improve inter-agency cooperation to counter the threat posed by international terrorism and serious and organized crime; develop and improve security strategies at international air and sea ports; promote exchange of experience and expertise in the field of emergency and disaster management at air and sea ports.

Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative is unique regional structure, consisted of six Participants: Albania; North Macedonia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Serbia; Montenegro and Kosovo.
MARRI mandate is to promote closer regional cooperation and common, comprehensive and harmonized approach of MARRI Participants in areas of: migration, asylum, border control, trafficking in human beings, visa regime, integration and return of refugees with the ambition to reach international and European standards in these areas.

The Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) was established in 2004 as an advisory organ to the AU composed of civil society organisations (CSOs). The principle of ECOSOCC is for civil society to organise itself to work in partnership with the AU.
ECOSOCC’s mandate includes:
Contributing, through advice, to the effective translation of the AU’s objectives, principles and policies into concrete programmes, as well as evaluating those programmes – Undertaking studies and making recommendations – Contributing to the promotion and realisation of the AU’s vision and objectives – Contributing to the promotion of human rights, the rule of law, good governance, democratic principles, gender equality and child rights – Promoting and supporting the efforts of institutions engaged in reviewing the future of Africa and forging pan-African values in order to enhance an African social model and way of life – Fostering and consolidating partnership between the AU and CSOs – Assuming functions referred to it by other AU organs.

African Smart Cities Innovation Foundation (ASCIF) Is Now A Smart Cities (Promising) Global Award Winning Organization. It Is A Development Organization, A Non-Government, Nonsectarian And Non-Partisan Organization Working For The Development Of E-Services By Combining The Government View And Proven Practices In A Powerful Process Of Co-Design. It’s A Human-City Developmental NGO.
African Smart Cities Innovation Foundation (ASCIF) Is An NGO in Consultative Status With The United Nations Economic And Social Council (ECOSOC).

African Young People Support Center

World Border Security Network is a fraternal network of government border professionals. Together we share information, keep up-to-date with the latest threats and share best practise, to help make the world a safer place.

The IACIPP is the international association of practitioners and professionals involved in the security and safety of critical infrastructure, both physical and information infrastructure.

ISIO – The International Trade Organization is a trade organization for the security industry. A “Trade Organization” is at the top of the heirachy of the industry, which endorses, security exhibitions, conferences, workshops,media, and the full spectrum of business structures.

The NS&RC is an elite group of international companies from Europe and the United States who work closely together to provide clever world class solutions in growth markets such as CBRNe, Global Threat Secure Travel, Crisis management and contingency planning, Specialist Design and Build, NS&R Training, Airport and Aviation Security, Cyber Security and data protection, Health Safety and Rescue.

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