Paul Igbinere

  • Executive Director
  • African Young People Support Centre

Paul Igbinere is the Executive Director of the African Young People Support Centre, and Chief Operations Officer, Hub and Locus Consulting with headquarters in Nigeria and Office in the United Kingdom specialised in Procurement, Logistics Management, Supply Chain and ICT. He is an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), with M.Sc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Certificates in Managing the Company of the Future from University of London – London Business School; Marketing in a Digital World from University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign and a World Health Organisation trained PMTCT Counsellor.


  • Africa Workshop – Advancing Social Economic Cross-Border Relations Through Technology and Cooperation

    This Workshop, organized by the African Young People Support Centre (AYPSC) in collaboration with the African Smart Cities Innovation Foundation (ASCIF), is geared towards a comprehensive exploration of social-economic cross-border relations, Although a specific emphasis on the African continent, it covers examples from other continents. The event aims to unravel the intricate interplay between trade […]

  • IT/Tech at the Border as an Enabler/Threat – Cybercrime / AI

    The mandated use of API/PNR data will make travel much safer and ultimately easier. But, the more people and organisations that hold and share our personal data, the more vulnerable we all become to cyber-crime, both as individuals and as organisations. Systems using API/PNR data are and will be a target for cyber criminals. The […]