Day Three


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Thursday 27th April 2023

9am – 10.30am
Plenary Session – Continuing development of digital borders and use of data – (including API / PNR on-going developments, travel documents security, and traveller programs)

As the world moves rapidly towards digital borders with the fully integrated use of API and PNR data, this session brings us up to date with the experiences of the early adopter programmes and implementation and examines these ongoing experiences and lessons that can be shared to help global partners make the transition more seamlessly and cost effectively.

– Expansion of Facial Biometrics and Mobile Technology – DEAC Diane Sabatino, Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

– Cristina Ana Jorge, Operations on SE borders, FRONTEX

– Annick Galante, Legal officer, National Travel Targeting Center (NTTC), Belgian National ETIAS Unit, Belgium

– Oksana Kurysheva, Associate Programme Officer, Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

Assessing ECOWAS National Biometric Identity Card: Challenges and Opportunities in Nigeria – Willie Aziegbe Eselebor, Independent Researcher & Consultant, Universal Research & Training Institute, Nigeria

Registered Traveler Programs to support border control management and facilitate flows – Emmanuel Wang, VP Europe Business Development, IDEMIA

9.00am - 10.30am Workshop - Effective legislation at the Border
Workshop facilitated by: Counter Terrorism Border Operations Centre (CTBOC), Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters (CTPHQ), United Kingdom.

10.30am-11.15am – Networking Coffee Break

Breakout Session – Capacity building and training in tough times

What are we doing to address the skills gaps in our organisations. Once we have identified those skills gaps, how do implement the development, and strengthen the doctrine, skills, processes, instincts, and culture to meet fast changing circumstances.

Border surveillance of the southern Schengen external borders of Hungary – latest update of innovation soloutions – Monika Herczeg, Head of Unit – Police Cooperation and Border Management Unit & Leonard Zsakai, Senior police executive, Ministry of Interior, Hungary

Modernization Efforts by the Nigeria Customs Service: Problems, Prospects and Lessons Learnt – Babatunde Olomu, Comptroller & Misbau Murtala Sadiq, Superintendent of Customs, Nigerian Customs Service

Protection-sensitive border management policies and procedures – Admir Skodo, Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute Europe

Georgian reforms in Customs, SPS Border control area with the focus on systematic approach to counter corruption – Samson Uridia, Head, Department for International Relations, Customs, Tax and SPS Border Control Agency, Ministry of Finance, Georgia

Passenger Targeting Trainings – Manu Niinioja, Law Enforcement Expert, WCC Group

11:15am-12:30pm – Closed Agency Only Workshop
ID, data sharing and combatting Fraudulent ID
Document fraud is one of the major challenges facing border officials worldwide. Fraudulent documents are used in organised smuggling of weapons, drugs vehicles and people. They have also been used in terrorist attacks. Most fraudulent document cases are picked up at airports, but that is probably because airports are where biometrics are most widely used. Sharing data on lost or stolen ID documents is a major weapon in the agency arsenal, but data sharing is key to making this work.
Moderator: Colleen Ryan, Border Advisor, Border Security & Management Unit, Transnational Threats Department (TNTD), OSCE
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12.30pm-2pm – Networking Lunch

2:00pm – 4:00pm
Plenary Session – Panel Discussion: Delivering effective border management in uncertain times
Delivering effective border management in unforeseen circumstances, like COVID19 or the migrant crisis – is it about developing the culture of adaptability, better communications or having the systems, processes, and mechanisms in place to put together quick reaction teams across agencies and national borders? Or is it something else? Corruption of border officials or politicisation of law enforcement also brings its challenges. This panel will discuss what is required to react to what we do not know, knowing what we do!

– DEAC Diane Sabatino, Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

– Mariette Frencken, Staff Department, Border Management Unit, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

– Donato Colucci, Head of Border Identity Solutions, IOM HQ

– Ana Cristina Jorge, Director of Operational Response Division, FRONTEX

– Andy Smith, Director, Government & Industry Relations, SITA

4:00pm Congress Round Up and Close