Closed Agency Workshops

24th-26th APRIL 2024

The World Border Security Congress aims to promote collaboration,  inter-agency cooperation and information/intelligence sharing amongst border agencies and agencies at the border to better engage and tackle the increasing threats and cross border security challenges that pertain in today’s global environment.

Border agencies and agencies at the border  can benefit from the ‘Closed Agency Only Workshops’ with a series of behind closed door discussion and working group opportunities.

The 2024 Closed Agency Only Workshop topics include:

Inter-Agency Cooperation and Information Sharing
It is well established that inter-agency and international information sharing is essential for effectively fighting cross border crimes such as terrorism, THB, weapons and drug smuggling, the trade in cultural heritage and protected species. With no formal global organisation for agencies at the border, this Closed Agency Workshop is a mechanism and resource for agencies to discuss sharing information and how the international community can collaborate to achieve common aims.

Latest/New Modus Operandi
This Closed Agency Workshop will enable practitioners the opportunity to share analysis on the latest trends in cross border crimes and share some of their latest experiences of changing Modus Operandi of criminal groups operating in their area, and what they have done to combat these changing criminal activities/actions.

This Closed Agency Workshop aims to promote the responsible and ethical use of watchlists. Why they are an essential tool for law enforcement and border agencies. It will cover what is required for an individual to be included on a watch list, what data and biometrics is included on an individual’s record within a watch list, what watchlist resources are available and how to share information on a watchlist internally and with international partners, consistent with international law and legal standards.

By further encouraging such collaboration, cooperation and sharing of information between agencies, the World Border Security Congress aims to promote safer, more secure borders.

FOR BORDER AGENCIES AND AGENCIES AT THE BORDER ONLY – If you are interested in participating in the Closed Agency Only Workshops, in order to obtain clearance to attend the Closed Workshops, please register via the Online Agency Registration to begin the approval process.