World Border Security Congress

World Border Security Congress

2019 Preliminary Congress Programme Announced

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The World Border Security Congress is delighted to announce the preliminary congress programme and guide for your attendance to the annual gathering of border management and security practitioners and professionals.

The Congress Topics for the 2019 programme include:

– Identifying and Understanding the Latest and Evolving Threats and Challenges for Border Agencies
– Border Management – from Risk Management to Foreign Fighter and CT Strategies
– Implementing Biometrics and Advanced Passenger Information
– Migration and Human Trafficking Challenges on Global Border Management
– Data, Cyberborders and the challenges of developing them
– Border Security Information and Coordination
– Surveillance Systems and Technologies on the Border
– Future trends in International Border Management

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Closed Agency Workshop Topics and Information >>

Latest Confirmed Speakers include:

– Captain Junaid Abdullahi, Executive Secretary, Border Communities Development Agency (BCDA)
– Matt Beckingham, Deputy Director, UK Border Force
– Jean Montal-Vilette, Head of Interoperability Unit, EUCAP Sahel
– Major General Md. Shafeenul Islam ndc, psc, Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh
– Moises Vos Martinez, Spanish National Coordination Center Eurosur, Guardia Civil, Spain
– Sophie Hoffmann, Deputy Programme Manager and Project Manager, IOM Niger
– Sadou Soloke, Governor of Agadez Region, Northern Niger
– Rok Derenčin, Project Manager, DCAF Ljubljana
– Gabor Kemeny, Project Co-ordinator (ExB), Public Safety and Community Outreach Department, OSCE – Mission to Skopje
– Anton Travner, MSc, Director, Head of DCAF Border Security Programme,
DCAF Ljubljana
– lt. col. dr Urszula Młodziejowska- Seredyn, Expert, Border Management Dept. Polish BG HQs
– BG Maj Grzegorz Kostecki, Expert, Border Management Dept. Polish BG HQs
– Lenard Zsakai, Local coordinator, border policing expert, Hungarian National Police
– Bartel Meersman, Head of Unit, Transport & Border Security, European Commission Joint Research Centre
– Wayne Salzgaber, Director, INTERPOL Washington
– Borut Erzen, Head of Programme, Border Management and Security, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
– Ahmed Adnane Dahmani, Head of Division of Prevention, Moroccan Customs

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Migration – Creating Opportunities for Young People In Africa
The Social Affairs and Health Cluster Committee in conjunction with Committee on Political Affairs of the AU-ECOSOCC, will be hosting a Workshop on the margins of the Congress to understudy the situation and proffer necessary solutions that will address the issues of Migration in Africa.
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Casa Port Site Visit
Site Visit to Port of Casablanca
Tuesday 19th March – 8.30am-12noon

The Site Tour of the Port of Casablanca will offer an insight into these challenges and how the relevant authorities tackle these through traditional and technological solutions.
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Building Trust and Co-operation through Discussion and Dialogue

Current Border Security Challenges:
– Migration Crisis Tests European Consensus and Governance
– Migrants and refugees streaming into Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia
– Big Business of Smuggling Enables Mass Movement of People for Enormous Profits
– Climate Change and Natural Disasters Displace Millions, Affect Migration Flows
– Europe and the United States Confront Significant Flows of Unaccompanied Child Migrants
– Tackling Southeast Asia’s Migration Challenge
– ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe
– Border Skirmishes Resonate in National Domestic Politics
– Women’s Labour Migration from Asia and the Pacific

As we see the continued escalation of the global migration crisis, with mass movements of people fleeing the war zones of the Middle East as well as illegal economic immigration from Africa and elsewhere, international terrorism shows every sign of increasing, posing real threats to the free movement of people.

The world is expected to see a continuation of the migration challenges for the border management and security community, as little sign of peace and security in the Middle East is apparent and porous borders in Africa continue to provide challenges.

International organised criminal gangs and human and drug trafficking groups exploit opportunities and increasingly use the internet and technology to enhance their activities.

Controlling and managing international borders in the 21st Century continues to challenge the border control and immigration agencies around the world. It is generally agreed that in a globalised world borders should be as open as possible, but threats continue to remain in ever evolving circumstances and situations.

Advancements in technology are assisting in the battle to maintain safe and secure international travel. The border security professional still remains the front line against these threats.

The World Border Security Congress is a high level 3 day event that will discuss and debate current and future policies, implementation issues and challenges as well as new and developing technologies that contribute towards safe and secure border and migration management.

In 2018:
Over 240 delegates
52 countries represented
DG/Head of Agencies – 52
Deputy/Deputy Heads – 18
Heads of Unit – 32
Senior Officials – 61
Ambassadors/Embassy Officials – 9

We need to continue the discussion, collaboration and intelligence sharing.

The 2019 World Border Security Congress thanks for the support of the Ministry of Interior of Morocco, Directorate General for Border Surveillance & Migration, Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), African Union ECOSOCC (AU-ECOSOCC), European Association of Airport & Seaport Police, International Security Industry Organisation, National Security & Resilience Consortium and International Association of CIP Professionals.

The premier multi-jurisdictional transnational platform where the border  protection, management and security industry policy-makers and practitioners convene annually to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting borders.

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050427-N-1825E-084 Persian Gulf (April 27, 2005) – Coast Guardsmen aboard U.S Coast Guard Cutter Monomoy (WPB 1326) wave good-bye to the guided missile cruiser USS Antietam (CG 74) after the first underway fuel replenishment (UNREP) between a U.S. Navy cruiser and a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter. Antietam completed fuel replenishment with the Monomoy in about two hours and saved the 110-foot patrol boat a four-hour trip to the nearest refueling station. Antietam and Monomoy are conducting maritime security operations (MSO) in the Persian Gulf as part of Commander, Task Force Five Eight CTF-58). U.S. Navy photo by Journalist Seaman Joseph Ebalo (RELEASED)