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Spain’s vast coastline and strategic location between Africa and Europe present unique challenges for the National Police and Guardia Civil.

Spain faces a constant influx of migrants seeking a better life in Europe. The Canary Islands and the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, bordering Morocco, are popular entry points. Patrolling these vast stretches, especially maritime borders, requires significant resources.

Spain is also a key entry point for hashish from Morocco and cocaine from South America destined for other European countries. The decentralized nature of trafficking groups makes it difficult to infiltrate and dismantle them.

The country, and region’s, border security landscape is constantly evolving. By addressing these challenges through international collaboration, innovative technologies, and strategic resource allocation, the international border security community can strive towards a more secure future.

The World Border Security Congress is a high level 3 day event that will discuss and debate current and future policies, implementation issues and challenges as well as new and developing technologies that contribute towards safe and secure border and migration management.

Join us in Madrid, Spain on 25th-27th March 2025 for the next gathering of international border security, protection and migration management professionals.