ID / Document Fraud

April 26, 2024 9:15 am - 10:30 am
Claudio Kavrecic Head of Centre of Excellence for Combating Document Fraud /Frontex, Poland
Ivanka Spadina IBM Programme Coordinator for Turkey /International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Robert Frain Policy Officer /INTERPOL, France

Criminals and terrorists historically often make use of fake and genuine identity and travel documents to enable their illegal activities. The adoption of Entry/Exit systems and data will no doubt make this more difficult but we should anticipate that criminals and terrorists will use their undoubted ingenuity and considerable resources to circumvent this problem. So, what is the future of identity fraud and how do we put in place mechanisms to identify the vulnerabilities. And once identified the vulnerabilities in the systems how do we plug the gaps and ensure that those gaps and plugs are shared with colleagues worldwide? With different agencies having developed different programs, how can these work together to the benefit of the international border management community?