Goran Stojkovski

Goran Stojkovski

  • Programme Management Officer
  • UN Countering Terrorist Travel Programme (CT Travel)

Since March 2022 he works for the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism – UNOCT, including at BSM Programme in New York, and later at the Special Projects Implementation Branch/Countering Terrorism Travel Programme, in Budapest, on the position Programme Management Officer, coordinating the API/PNR systems implementation in different regions.
He comes from North Macedonia and has 27 years of combined counter-terrorism and border security and management experience as Army Special Forces and Border Police Officer, followed by 10 years of service with the OSCE, on positions ranging from the Head of the OSCE BM Unit in Dushanbe to Border and Customs Adviser at OSCE Secretariat/HQ level.
He holds a Master Level Degree in Border Security and Management and Security Sector Reform, with operational experience and deployments across South-Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, and Africa.


  • Terrorism and Countering Terrorism (incl. FTFs as sleepers)

    Whilst the threat from ISIL and Al Qaeda has diminished since the destruction of the Islamic Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, Isil’s defeat has left thousands of Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF’s) in captivity in the Middle East and -Stan countries, with many more yet unaccounted for.
    How much of a long-term threat do these unaccounted for and incarcerated FTF’s pose as they are released or escape and use the THB networks to infiltrate back into their countries of origin. And how many have already made their way back to their home country without being picked up by the local criminal justice system. The UN mandated adoption of API and PNR, in combination with the more widespread use of watchlists, will be a key factor in countering the movement of FTF’s.