Countering Serious Organised Crime, Drugs, SALW, Smuggling

Casey Durst Executive Assistant Commissioner, Operations Support /US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP)
Emmanuel Oshoba Comptroller of Customs /Nigeria Customs Service
LTC Marcos Pérez-Mayor Rodríguez Chief of Staff of the Border and Customs Police Command /Guardia Civil, Spain
Tofiq Murshudlu Head of Coordination, Border Management Branch /UNODC

Criminal actors continue to be very creative in developing new techniques and channels to conduct illicit activities. There is an old saying, ‘follow the money’ – investigating financial transactions and use that information to indicate evidence of a crime, a suspect or criminal network. But it is not only the money that facilitates this, it’s exporter, carrier, forward freighter, delivery address, destination and more. Like API/PNR for passengers, this information builds a picture of the whole transaction that will establish patterns and history vital to identifying the organised criminal gangs that smuggle drugs, weapons, people etc. What are the latest challenges in the battle against SOC and how can border and associated agencies better use the data available to them to defeat cross border organised crime.