Technology Workshops


The Technology Workshops at the World Border Security Congress enable you to discover some of the latest and emerging technologies and solutions from leading solution providers in border security, protection and management.

Advancements in technology are assisting in the battle to maintain safe and secure international travel. The border security professional still remains the front line against these threats.

The Technology Workshops will play a pivotal role in showcasing innovations, covering a range of technological solutions for land, sea and air borders.

Wednesday 26th May


  • Transforming the real-time data at borders into actionable intelligence – Renaud Irminger, CEO, Travizory
  • From Edit Distance to Neural Networks: Understanding Name Screening Technologies – Philip Blair, Senior Research Engineer, Babel Street
  • Border Surveillance at Scale – Georgios Kontogiannis, Product Lead, Lambda Automata
  • Aviation Security Evolution in Iraq: Challenges and Opportunities with an Eye on the Future of Border Management – Yazan Alwashah, Operations Manager, CRDF Global
  • TBC

2.00pm – 3.30pm

  • Long range, gapless and persistent border surveillance using buried optical fiber – David Hill, Chief Technology Officer, Sintela Ltd
  • X-ray diffraction – innovative technology for detecting drugs – Thierry Ball, Global Business Development Director Smiths Detection
  • Automation Reliability, Human-Machine System Performance and Operator Compliance: A Study with Airport Security Screeners supported by Automated Explosive Detection Systems – Sara Bracceschi, Head of Consulting & Services, Customs, Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA)
  • Fox in Sox and other Biometric Discoveries – David Gerulski, Executive Vice President, Integrated Biometrics
  • TBC