Willem Mudde

Willem Mudde

  • Director
  • MAPS international, Netherlands

Formerly Lieutenant Colonel at Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNM military and borderpolice, Willem Mudde is current Director of MAPS international and consultant at the Center for International Legal Coorperation (CILC) for a project in West Balkan countries.
Relevant working experiences are; former Head of PIU Netherlands and Head of the Targeting Center Borders of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, as well as previously studied Project and Program Management at The Hague University of Applied Siences and recently completed the IATA training on API and PNR.
Willem is also Vice President of the European Association of Airport & Seaport Police.


  • EAASP Workshop

    Shaping the future requirements for traveller verification at European borders

    Wednesday 24th April
    10.30am – 12.30pm

    The European Association Airport & Seaport Police is one of the 23 parties involved in the EU-funded project SafeTravellers, which started January this year and will last for three years. It aims to produce a near-operational system at TRL7 or above.  SafeTravellers is focused on:

    a) strengthening border security,

    b) improving the productivity of the Border Authorities by providing them with the appropriate tools to perform trustworthy identity management, combat identity fraud at the hardware, identity, and travel document, and biometrics levels, while

    c) offering a frictionless border crossing experience for EU and Third Country Nationals (TCN) citizens, eliminating the need for stops at border checkpoints..

    This workshop is part of the requirements definition phase of the project, and practitioners are particularly welcome to contribute their operational preferences for an enhanced border system.  The team will also share the emerging Use Cases that are being developed and ask for comments from the operational and technical communities.

    SafeTravellers proposes both a new way of citizen identification based on multiple biometrics, instead of the problematic identity document, and an enhancement of the current identity verification at borders through a set of tools that will detect attacks at the biometric hardware, identity and travel document fraud, and attempts to falsify biometrics.

    The proposed solution must meet ethical requirements, has to be GDPR compliant, and introduces various privacy-preserving mechanisms to safeguard citizens’ biometrics through homomorphic encryption. Through the one-of-its-kind distributed European Multi-Biometric Data Space offered by SafeTravellers, each Member State will keep the personal data of its country nationals within its jurisdiction while allowing cross-border identity checks without transferring or revealing any biometric data.

    The role of the EAASP is leading in the coordination of four pilots containing use cases, with preparations already in full swing.  We are looking for debate on the technical and (future) operational aspects of the pilots.  The benefit for the workshop attendees is to gain deeper insight of the efforts, goals and outcomes of the project and benefiting from the final solution.

    Join this workshop and help shape the future of the SaveTravellers programme.


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