Site Visits

Site Visits to:
Skopje International Airport; or
Tabanovce Border Crossing & Transit Reception Centre

Tuesday 25th April 2023 – 8.30am-12noon

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(Site Visits open to conference delegates only)


Skopje International Airport is the largest and busiest international airport in North Macedonia, owned by TAV Airports, handling over 2 million passengers a year.

The airports 40,000 m2 terminal building, containing 23 check-in counters, has the capacity to handle four million passengers a year and includes 40,000 ton annual capacity cargo hangar.

Its busiest routes include Basel/Mulhouse, Istanbul, Zürich, Vienna, Dortmund, Memmingen Cologne/Bonn, Malmö and Hamburg.

Skopje International Airport is the 7th time winner of the Airport Service Quality Award in the category: ”Best Airport by size in Europe”.

With the full co-operation of the Airport Authority and airport operator TAV Airports, The World Border Security Congress is delighted to offer, a guided site visit of Skopje International Airport for a limited number of delegates.


Tabanovce Border Crossing sits on the main road between North Macedonia and Serbia and was reconstructed at an investment EUR 1.8 million. It has increased the number of traffic lanes to four entry and three exit lanes. It also provides modern facilities for carrying out the necessary border and customs formalities by border authorities. Border crossing for passengers includes all elements necessary for normal functioning and control of passengers and passenger vehicles.

This has led to an increase from processing six vehicles per hour on average, to 24 vehicles cross the border in one hour.

With over US$350m of trade through the crossing point, it contributes to intensifying trade by facilitating the flow of goods and services.

The modern border crossing provides a number of benefits, not only improved passenger traffic and facilitated cross-border trade, but also better access of Macedonian products to European markets and improved competitiveness of the domestic economy.

The Transit Reception Centreat Tabanovce, focuses on assisting asylum seekers, providing temporary accommodation for stranded foreigners and refugees/migrants.

Supported by IOM Skopje, the TRC Tabanovce has installed containers to serve as temporary accommodation for the stranded migrants, and ensured the wellbeing and survival – the basic human rights – for the stranded migrants and refugees.

The World Border Security Congress is delighted to offer, with the support of the MoI and IOM, a guided site visit of Tabanovce Border Crossing and The Transit Reception Centre for a limited number of delegates.

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