Sean Buckley

Program Director

Mr. Sean Buckley, PMP manages Parsons U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) work. Parsons has been supporting CBP with facilities management Program Management Office support since 2007. Parsons has supported CBP with project management services, design standard development, land port of entry technology installation, and the installation of remote video surveillance system tower construction. Mr. Buckley is responsible for the management of Parsons program supporting CBP. Mr. Buckley is a program manager with a wide range of Federal Project and Program Management, policy, and technical experience. Mr. Buckley’s clients include and have included a variety of industrial, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense (DOD) clients. Mr. Buckley has managed Parsons marque projects/programs including the Pentagon Renovation Program, Spring Valley, Washington DC chemical warfare remediation program, and CBP Program Development Management Support Services Program. Mr. Buckley has managed environmental, IT, facilities management, and program management/construction management projects.