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Gregor Pelzl

Gregor Pelzl

Head of Directorate 1 “Situation Centre and Analysis”

Federal Police Headquarters


Gregor Pelzl has 30 years experience as police officer, mainly in border police tasks on local, regional and central level.
He worked as Seconded National Expert at the European Commission, Directorate General Home Affairs in Brussels between 2010 and 2012, dealing with the implementation of the Visa Information System and the preparation of the Smart Borders Initiative.
Gregor Pelzl was student at the German Federal Academy for Security Policy in the first semester 2013 and afterwards Head of Operations in the Regional Directorate Pirna / Saxony until October 2015.
During the migration crisis in autumn 2015 he moved to act as head of the coordinating office at the Federal Police Headquarters coping with the migration crisis. In April 2016 his task was extended regarding the implementation of the PNR Directive within the Federal Police.
Since October 2017 he acts as Head of Directorate 1 at the Federal Police Headquarters.