Libyan National Team for Security Border Management


Col. Segayer, from the Libyan Ministry of Defense, has been working on Border Security issues in Libya over a decade, His responsibilities include Organisational Restructuring for Border Agencies, Command & Control System Design and Communication Networks Design and Implementation. Currently, he is leading the Libyan National Team for Security Border Management. The team is cooperating with EUBAM & UNSMIL Mission in Libya as well as the Neighbouring Countries on border securities issues. Mr Segayer participated in several Regional and International conferences and workshops on Border securities, and was deeply involved in drafting the Tripoli Action Plan and al-Rabat Declaration.

Currently Mr. Segayer and his team working in cooperation with EUBAM on developing a White Paper on Libyan Integrated Border Management Program, the program which will reshape the border security and border management in Libya according to the best practice and international standards.