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Please find here your downloadable copy of the November/December 2023 issue of Border Security Report for the latest views and news, including.

- Frontex Risk Analysis 2023/2024 discusses challenges at EU external borders – Part 2
- Maritime Surveillance Systems: Navigating Collaboration and Rivalry in the Southern Med
- Loverboys
- US DHS Doubles Down CBP Efforts to Continue to Combat Fentanyl and Synthetic Drugs
- Impact of GCC-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement on Border Control and Drug Smuggling
- Real-time Border Crossing with Iris Recognition
- Cattle Rustling and the Challenge of Border Insecurity
- EIBM’s Grand Vision & motivation for CONNECTOR project
- World Border Security Congress
- Agency Reports and News
- Webinars and Videos
- Industry news

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Border Security Report is the bi-monthly border management industry magazine delivering agency and industry news and developments, as well as more in-depth features and analysis to over 32,000 border agencies, agencies at the borders and industry professionals, policymakers and practitioners, worldwide.
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