Director of Border Police warns that they are unable to solve the Problem of Migrants

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Border Police Director Zoran Galic warned that members of this police agency would not be able to solve the problem of migrants at the border without the support of institutions of BiH.

“We have not even received a pfennig to protect BiH. This year there was no additional investment, even the Border Police budget exists on the basis of the temporary financing decision, according to which there is no capital investment in the Border Police,” he said. Galic told Dnevni Avaz newspapers that Border Police officers have basic police equipment available.

He stated that since the beginning of the year, BiH Border Police registered of 17,666 foreign nationals from high-risk migration countries, total of 6,571 persons during the illegal crossing of the border, and banned entry for 11,095. “During the last year we have prevented 15.329 persons from entering BiH illegally,” said Galic.