World Border Security Congress

Urszula Mlodziejowska – Seredyn

Dr lt. col. Urszula Mlodziejowska – Seredyn

Expert of Border Management Department

Polish Border Guard HQs


Dr Urszula Młodziejowska – Seredyn, PhD of Law, graduated 2004. Thesis written in the Institute of Penal Law of Warsaw University, entitled “Forgeries of passport documents between 1999-2001.Criminal problems.”  Expert of documents’ verification of  Polish Forensic Science Society. Working in Polish Border Guard HQs for almost 18 years now. Started as senior specialist in Law Office (HQs)– now Expert – Coordinator in Border Management Department and National Polish Border Guard Coordinator of Joint Cooperation Centres. From 2006 part time working as an academy teacher in Academy of Security (Warsaw), Academy of Customs and Logistics (Warsaw) and Academy of Defence (Warsaw) giving lectures, active workshops and seminars on international law, internal security including migration, free movement of persons under EU Schengen Treaty and  interoperability between forces and services. Started research on compensative measures after accession by EU MS Schengen Treaty, with the special view on the role of Joint Cooperation Centres established on EU internal borders.