World Border Security Congress


2018 Congress Topics included:

Identifying and understanding the latest and evolving threats and challenges for border agencies
Identifying and understanding the latest and evolving threats and challenges for border agencies What are the latest developing threats and challenge of keeping people and trade moving whilst enhancing security in the terrorist age -Safety-Security and Speed

Foreign fighters and counter-terrorism strategies at the border
As more and more foreign fighters return from the conflict zones of the Middle East, what are the current and future strategies to impede the flow of foreign terrorists such as the adoption of API and PNR

Coordinating Coastal and Maritime Border Surveillance
Proper and efficeint co-ordination of maritime, coastal, port and land border surveillance systems is essential in securing national borders. How is this best achieved across mutiple agencies and what systems are needed to do the job?

Counter-Strategies for Human and Drug Trafficking
What are the most effective strategies and what other strategies and technologies need to be employed for disrupting the global trade in drugs and human beings that flow towards the developed world

Implementation of Advance Passenger Information
Advancing the use of API and PNR, bridging the gaps that prevent full exploitation of the significant advantages these systems offer for improved border management.

Big Data and how to use it at the border
With massive amounts of data from legacy systems, sharing info from others. How do you get info out of silos and used in collaboration. How can social media be best used to identify and detect threats.

Surveillance Systems and Technologies on the Border
How far are we from the development and implementation of future technologies for really smart border control? What are the technology gaps and how do we close them?

Future trends in International Border Management
The border community are facing extraordinary set of challenges in the increasingly globalised world of the early 21st century. What are the changes and trends in border management that will equip us to meet the challenges of today and the challenges of the future?

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