Tony Stefan Mihaitoaia

Senior Border Management and Security Adviser
International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

Mr. Tony Mihaitoaia graduated the Romanian Border Police School in 1999 and started his career at the Romanian Border Police at the age of 21.  He worked as a border police officer in various positions, from conducting border checks at the BCP, to coordinating the activities of the territorial border police units involved in the border control process by drafting nationwide procedures/instructions/national strategies/action plans in a headquarters role. Tony graduated the Schengen Evaluators basic Course in 2013 and he performed several Schengen evaluations at the EU external border, in line with SchEval Mechanism. Also, he was selected by European Commission in working groups on the developments of new systems at the EU external border, such as new Entry/EXIT system, ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation System.

He has extensive experience in law enforcement agencies as a senior border police officer, also served as a Border Management Expert in European Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine – EUBAM, between 2016 and March, 2018. From this position, he provided advices and support to MD and UA partner services in the development and implementation of strategies related to Integrated Border Management and  coordinated EUBAM activities with EU initiatives and projects in Moldova and Ukraine, e.g. Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative on IBM, EU projects on improvement of the technical facilities of EUBAM partners, Visa Liberalization Action Plan, facilitated the development and implementation of joint/shared border crossing points along the Ukraine/Moldovan border.

Since April 2018, Mr. Tony Mihaitoaia works in ICMPD as a Senior Border Management Specialist/Adviser being responsible for drafting and implementation of border management projects, providing expertise on integrated border management and document security in countries of the Eastern Partnership, Central Asia, Western Balkan, Mediterranean region, as well as the African countries.

In addition, the Senior Border Management Adviser contributes to the implementation of a project or a thematic, geographic or sector-specific component of a project (or projects) through, but not exclusively, provision of requested expertise to the projects in the Programme’s portfolio as well as to the Regional Coordination Offices, performing assessment and feasibility missions in the ICMPD geographic regions/countries, administration of  project inputs ensuring that the project activities are managed according to the approved project documentation, work plans and budgets and in line with ICMPD´s rules and business processes as well as partner and donor agreements.