Tatiana Kotlyarenko

Adviser on Anti-Trafficking Issues
Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Tatiana Kotlyarenko is the Advisor on Anti-Trafficking Issues at OSCE/ODIHR since 2016. She worked on the update of the “National Referral Mechanisms – Joining Efforts to Protect the Rights of Trafficked Persons: A Practical Handbook,” as well as providing technical support and capacity building to combat trafficking in human beings to OSCE participating states.

She was the founder and Executive Director of the Enslavement Prevention Alliance – West Africa in Ghana. In its first three months of its existence, EPAWA was responsible for a national anti-human trafficking Red Card campaign in partnership with ILO during Cup of African Nations 2008, and rescue of 60 girls from a child brothel. As the Executive Director of EPAWA, she has built dynamic relationships with international and local media, and development partners to raise awareness, generate visibility, and ensure assistance to vulnerable populations.

Tatiana holds a MA in Human Rights and Economic Development with Honors from Columbia University and a BA from Brandeis University. Her MA thesis focused on “Supply and Demand Dynamics of Sex Trafficking in Russia.” Tatiana has taken part in a CNN documentary titled “Innocence for Sale” in Cambodia, released in 2010.