Snezhana Trajanovska, MSc

Snezhana Trajanovska, MSc

  • Director
  • MARRI RC (Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative Regional Centre)

Mrs. Snezhana Trajanovska has been appointed the Director of Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative Regional Centre (MARRI RC) since August 1st, 2023. Following European and international standards MARRI RC promotes regional cooperation as well as comprehensive and holistic approach in the area of migration, asylum, border control, trafficking in human beings, visa regime, integration and return of refugees and strives to support sustainable dialogue, efficient information exchange and viable capacity building activities among its Participants. Its work is directed towards strengthening the partnership with the EU, enhancing regional networks and advancing good relations with international governmental and non-governmental partners and stakeholders. Her professional engagement in the field of border management, migration management, readmission and return procedures, visa policy and consular affairs spans for more than 20 years, as she previously worked for the Macedonian Ministry of the Interior and held leading positions in the area. She has been closely involved in regional projects relevant to the field of migration management with different international organizations. She holds a BA in Security and Criminology from Faculty of Security in Skopje and MSc in Human Rights/International law and relations from European University in Skopje.


  • Inter-Agency Cooperation and Information Sharing

    It is well established that inter-agency and international information sharing is essential for effectively fighting cross border crimes such as terrorism, THB, weapons and drug smuggling, the trade in cultural heritage and protected species. With no formal global organisation for agencies at the border, this Closed Agency Workshop is a mechanism and resource for agencies to discuss sharing information and how the international community can collaborate to achieve common aims.