Ruggero Scaturro

  • Senior Analyst
  • Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC), Austria

Ruggero Scaturro is an analyst at the GI-TOC and a PhD candidate on criminal justice and security in Slovenia. He conducts research on Eastern and South Eastern Europe, and on Italian mafia-related issues. His main areas of interest and expertise are drug trafficking and consumption habits in Europe, as well as the history of Cosa Nostra and its ties with other criminal networks across the Mediterranean.


  • Challenges for small ports and airfields

    As perpetrators of trafficking human beings (THB) and international crimes, such as smuggling of drugs or illicit goods, continue to show signs of avoiding commercial airlines, there is evidence that regional airlines and airports, as well as light aircraft into small private aerodromes and fields, are being used for these activities, where the handling of […]