Pier Rossi-Longhi

Pier Rossi-Longhi

  • Senior Regional Immigration and Border Governance Specialist
  • IOM

Senior Regional Immigration & Border Governance Specialist at the IOM Vienna Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, covering 19 countries in total.

Pier holds a Master’s  Degree in Political Science and has 26 years of practical experience in IOM Technical Cooperation working on all continents. During the years Pier has developed a deep understanding of migration security issues from the legal, administrative, and operational angles, including the full breath of Border Management technologies. He has conducted several specifically border but also wider immigration management assessments. On behalf of IOM he participated in the ICAO working groups on Identity and Breeder documents and, later, joined the CTED Counter Terrorism Committee on some of their country assessment missions. Aside from specific technical expertise Pier has a broad perspective on migration governance and the strategic challenges of balancing control & facilitation.


  • Managing Migration (organised crime as cover for migrant smuggling and THB)

    It is well established that organised crime groups are able to adapt and evolve to use any weakness or vulnerability at our borders as a cover for nefarious activities. The migration crises we are experiencing on the southern borders of the US and EU offer prime opportunities for criminal activities, including smuggling migrants for money, which is generally a voluntary transaction but leaves migrants dangerously exposed to death, injury and abuse, and THB, which is the forced trafficking of persons. Regions of Asia are also experiencing unprecedented levels of THB, often for the vice trade. What are the latest challenges with migrant smuggling and THB, how do these two crimes differ in terms of methodology and how does can the international community combat cross-border crimes or irregular migration?