Oksana Kurysheva

  • Associate Programme Officer
  • OSCE

Mrs. Oksana Kurysheva works at the OSCE Secretariat’s Transnational Threats Department (TNTD) Border Security and Management Unit (BSMU). TNTD/BSMU supports OSCE participating States (pS) and Partners for Co-operation (PfC) to address emerging border security risks and challenges. The Unit also works closely with other regional and international organizations.
Oksana is responsible for managing the unit’s API portfolio. This project facilitates the implementation of API systems in the OSCE pS and PfC.
Prior to joining the OSCE, Oksana worked for fifteen years in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, serving at land, sea, air, and railway border crossing points, to include an assignment in the International Relations Department. Her most recent assignment was as Border Guard Deputy Chief, responsible for the international airport of L’viv. When the war began in Ukraine, Oksana took on additional responsibilities, helping to manage refugee flows from Ukraine to Poland. Oksana is a graduate of the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi National Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.


  • Future Borders

    It is now clear that entry/exit systems are future of our borders and that API/PNR data is fundamental to their successful implementation. But how is that implementation progressing, especially at our maritime and green borders where there is little or no experience in the use of these technologies and data systems, and where conditions make […]