Michael Schwaiger

Michael Schwaiger

  • Senior Product Manager
  • secunet Security Networks AG, Germany

Michael Schwaiger is Product Manager in the Homeland Security division of secunet Security Networks AG. secunet is Germany’s leading cybersecurity company and an internationally recognized expert for electronic identity (eID) and border control applications. In an increasingly connected world, the company’s combination of products and consulting assures resilient digital infrastructures and the utmost protection for data, applications and digital identities. Michael holds a Master’s degree in IT Security from the University of Applied Science in Upper Austria. He has been with secunet for more than 10 years and is an expert in the evaluation and design of biometric-based eID and border control systems. He is responsible for secunet’s border control product portfolio, which includes Automated Border Control Systems, Self-Service Kiosks and solutions for high-quality facial image capture.


  • IT/Tech at the Border as an Enabler/Threat – Cybercrime / AI

    The mandated use of API/PNR data will make travel much safer and ultimately easier. But, the more people and organisations that hold and share our personal data, the more vulnerable we all become to cyber-crime, both as individuals and as organisations. Systems using API/PNR data are and will be a target for cyber criminals. The more personal data we hold and the more we rely on data systems as enablers at the border, the more vulnerable we are malicious cyber-attacks, whether for financial gain such as ransomware attacks, identity fraud or simply to disruption of the regular flow of traffic at the border. Does this threat increase exponentially with the advent of AI or is AI the answer to protecting ourselves and our systems? Can AI be utilised to generated alerts, red flags on travellers?