Iliuta Cumpanasu

  • Lead Evaluator

Mr Iliuta Cumpanasu works for Frontex Agency as a Vulnerability Assessment Lead Evaluator, being responsible for monitoring the EU Member States’ technical equipment, systems, capabilities, resources, infrastructure, adequately trained staff necessary for border control as well as contingency plans on border management, according to the best practices in the field.

Before joining Frontex as a seconded national expert, he performed for 22 years in law enforcement, following the steps of his career from police officer to the Head of the Border Police Regional Inspectorate Timisoara (general rank).


  • Managing Migration (organised crime as cover for migrant smuggling and THB)

    It is well established that organised crime groups are able to adapt and evolve to use any weakness or vulnerability at our borders as a cover for nefarious activities. The migration crises we are experiencing on the southern borders of the US and EU offer prime opportunities for criminal activities, including smuggling migrants for money, […]