Ibrahim Irdem

Ibrahim Irdem

  • Assistant Professor
  • Turkish National Police Academy, Turkey

İbrahim İrdem is Assistant Professor, PhD. at Turkish National Police Academy and works as the Head of Department of Security Strategies and Management. İrdem finished his PhD in the field of Political and Social Sciences at the Institute of Social Sciences in Gazi University. He completed his master’s degree in the Division of Political Science, Master Program on International and European Relations at the University of Linköping, Sweden. He graduated from bachelor degree in Public Administration and International Relations (double major programme) with distinction from Gazi University, Ankara. His areas of interest include migration management, border security, governance, homeland security management, policing and terrorism.


  • IT/Tech at the Border as an Enabler/Threat – Cybercrime / AI

    The mandated use of API/PNR data will make travel much safer and ultimately easier. But, the more people and organisations that hold and share our personal data, the more vulnerable we all become to cyber-crime, both as individuals and as organisations. Systems using API/PNR data are and will be a target for cyber criminals. The more personal data we hold and the more we rely on data systems as enablers at the border, the more vulnerable we are malicious cyber-attacks, whether for financial gain such as ransomware attacks, identity fraud or simply to disruption of the regular flow of traffic at the border. Does this threat increase exponentially with the advent of AI or is AI the answer to protecting ourselves and our systems? Can AI be utilised to generated alerts, red flags on travellers?