Counter Terrorism Border Operations Centre

Counter Terrorism Border Operations Centre

  • Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters
  • United Kingdom

Around the UK there are eleven regional counter terrorism units (CTUs) and intelligence units (CTIUs). These units collaborate daily to confront the threat from terrorism. They have officers and staff working in a range of specialist fields such as investigations, forensics, digital exploitation, financial inquiries, community liaison and communications.

At the centre of the network sits the Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters (CTPHQ), which devises policy and strategy, coordinates national projects and programmes and provides a single national Counter Terrorism Policing voice for key stakeholders including government, intelligence agencies and other partners.

Alongside the headquarters is the Operations Centre, a central command made up of units that provide operational support to the national network. Counter Terrorism Policing Border Officers are at the front line of protecting national security from the threats posed by terrorism at UK borders and ports.  Borders officers manage the threats posed by individuals and groups seeking to travel across borders in furtherance of terrorism or hostile state acts.


  • Watchlisting

    This Closed Agency Workshop aims to promote the responsible and ethical use of watchlists. Why they are an essential tool for law enforcement and border agencies. It will cover what is required for an individual to be included on a watch list, what data and biometrics is included on an individual’s record within a watch list, what watchlist resources are available and how to share information on a watchlist internally and with international partners, consistent with international law and legal standards.