Sadou Soloke

Governor of Agadez Region (Northern Niger)
Ministry of Interior, Public Safety and Decentralization

Sadou Soloké is, since the first of June 2016, one of the 7 Governors of the State of Niger. The Governorate of Agadez is a deconcentrated body of the Ministry of Interior, Public Safety and Decentralization of Niger.
Holder of a Degree of Telecom Principal Instructor, Sadou Soloké has served in the Office of the Director-General of SONITEL (Nigerien Telecommunications society) before his appointment as Governor.
The Regional administration is the first level of territorial representation of the Central Government, whose responsibility is to implement policies and strategies established by central administrations, considering the specific characteristics of the Region, and to manage relations with decentralized territorial authorities (following the decentralized Nigerien system). He coordinates and supervises the work of the Prefects at Departmental level.
In the Region of Agadez, the Governor represents evenly the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and all government Ministers. He is responsible for national interests, implementing law, regulations and decisions of the executive government. As President of the Regional Security Council, he is responsible for the security, maintenance of public order and civil protection, and has authority on the National Guard, National Police, Gendarmerie, Civil Protection at Regional level. The military authority has a duty to inform him of any matter of special importance for the Region.
His main concerns are : Development, Security (fight against organized crime : drugs, weapons, human trafficking), Irregular migration (prevention of illegal migration).
Agadez Region represents 52% of the total area of Niger, the largest of its seven regions. Despite its size, Agadez is sparsely populated. Its 487,620 inhabitants account for only 2.8% of the total population of Niger with a population density of 0.73 inhabitants per square kilometer. The Region includes the vast Ténéré portion of the Sahara Desert, dune seas like the Erg of Bilma, and the mountains of the Aïr. Much of its population comprises nomadic or semi-nomadic peoples including the Tuareg, Toubou, Wadoobe Fula. Agadez has the following foreign borders, including Niger’s only borders with Libya and Algeria : Kidal Region, Mali (West), Tamanghasset, Algeria (Northwest), Ghat and Murzuq, Lybia (North and Northeast), Boorkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region, Chad (East).