Dr Benoy Berry

Contec Global Foundation

Dr Benoy Berry established the first company in Nigeria/Africa to produce smart handset known as AfriOne, which has become a household name and also widely accepted across the country.
It is also on record that he pioneered card technology solutions in Nigeria, an initiative that would later give birth to the Combined Expatriate Resident Permit Card (CERPAC) as currently issued by the Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS) for expatriates working in Nigeria. This replaced the paper handling procedure of the past which was subject to manipulation and duplication. He also pioneered and introduced a new wave of biometric automation for expedited travel at major gateways in Nigeria. The Automated Border Control) ABC Kiosks known as e-Gates, Automated Passport Control -APC Kiosks and Automated Immigration Check-in known as AIC Kiosks – were introduced to the Lagos and Abuja international Airports in 2005.
Currently, about 40% Africans use passports and other secure documents in one way or the other designed or delivered by CONTEC GLOBAL.

Dr Berry, a consummate manager of human resources and corporate governance who is highly skilled in decision making, was perhaps, spurred to venture into other critical sectors in apparent desire to provide solutions to yearning societal problems.
His effort at uplifting the Nigerian society comes at a time the government was in dire need of help to bridge the inherent socio-economic deficit.

Dr. Berry has created world-class systems for e-Governance, obtained financing for large infrastructure projects, and has turned business units into profitable enterprises. Dr. Berry is a board member of many national and international companies. He is the grand patron of the West African Contemporary Arts council, Founder and President of Contec Global foundation – an NGO in Burundi and Nigeria, and Chairman of Jago Bharat – an NGO working in India.

He has also received many outstanding awards and honours, including:
International Patron of the Anti-Human Trafficking Organisation by National Agency for the Prohibition Trafficking in person and other related matters (NAPTIP) in recognition of his innumerable contribution towards empowerment and development of youths across Nigeria and Africa (2011)
Outstanding Achievement in Technology Award in recognition of immense contribution to the advancement of biometric & e-Governance in Nigeria and Africa by the Nigerian Association of Science Journalists (NASJ), a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ), Canada (2011)
African Order of Merit Award on e-Governance & Biometrics Technology by Institute for Governance Research and Leadership Technology (2011)
West African Direct Marketing Award for being West Africa’s best immigration service (2006)