Romana Fabbro

Romana Fabbro

Border Advisor

EUBAM Mission Libya

Rank: Senior Chief Inspector of Italian Police (Border Police) MoiA Date of appointment: 1986

Current Position since 27.04.2017 Border Advisor EUBAM Mission Libya (CSDP)

Field of expertize: Border Management and EU Legislation, intelligence gathering, confidential interviews, assessment of critical situation, Operational planning, Situation Center supervisor, investigation, trans border organized crime and modus operandi of criminal networks, profiler, international protection an asylum, return operations and repatriation, immigration trends, Sector Security ReformExpert; Previous positions: 07/2009-11/2015 D/Head of Border Management Department of EULEX Mission in Kosovo. Expert in Balkan dialogue and challenges; 10/2008-07/2009 D/Head Border Police EUPM mission in BiH; 3/2007-6/2007 Police Liaison Officer in Interpol International Cooperation Center in Oradea (Romania); 1/2005-1/2006 Border Police Liaison Officer of UNMIK Commissioner in UNMIK Mission in Kosovo; 3/2003-1/2004 Schengen/Immigration Expert to Visa Office at Italian Embassy Moscow (Russia); 1987-2003 Border Police Officer, BCP Commander at Border Crossing Point between Italy-France and between Italy-Slovenia (former Yugoslavia);


1980-1984 Accountancy College (business and financial analysis); 1986-1987 Police Academy (Public administration, Role of Law, Law enforcement management); 1991-6 months Border Police Specialization course; 1991-1992 Police Inspector Course ( Promotion at Police Inspector Rank); 2002 Schengen Expert Course (Pull ‘member of Schengen Experts); 2005 Civilian Crisis Management course of U.N. in Kosovo; 2007 FRONTEX RA.B.I.T. Course (Rapid Border Intervention Team Expert); 2010 eHEST Course; 2014 Ecole National Aministration (ENA)Role of Law course; 2017 HEAT Training.