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Lasma Stabiņa

Mrs Lāsma Stabiņa

National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator

Ministry of the Interior


Mrs Lāsma Stabiņa works in the field of home affairs since 1998. From 1998 till 2003 she was a Head of International Cooperation and Agreements Service at the State Border Guard. Since 2003 Stabiņa works at the Ministry of the Interior. On 13 June 2014 Stabiņa was tasked to implement a role and tasks of National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator.

Past eight years she is responsible for planning and coordination of implementation of anti-trafficking policy, provision of national and international inter-institutional cooperation as well as organization of awareness raising activities and training. Stabiņa provides representation of Latvia as a National Coordinator at the Council of Baltic Sea States Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings and the European Union Network of National Rapporteurs or Equivalent Mechanisms on Trafficking in Human Beings.

In 2012 and 2016 Stabiņa was awarded by the Embassy of the USA in Riga as Latvian TIP HERO for outstanding continuing work combating human trafficking in Latvia.