Education; Dialogue and Youth inclusiveness in Governance: As multi-dimensional strategy to checkmate irregular migration

Tuesday 17th May 2022 : 9:30am – 12:30pm

Young people in governance speaks to the active participation of youth inclusiveness in the activities leading to decision making of their country and by extension contribute to national development as well as address youth and young people related issues through the instrumentality of Education. Functional education can be exploited as a veritable tool in curbing/checkmating irregular migration which occurs especially in the third world countries where statistics has shown that youth are marginalize in the governance process of their countries. The youthful population of Africa present challenges and opportunities for African governments; the engagement of young people in the decision making processes on issues that affect them directly is key to maximizing the opportunities and addressing developmental challenges.

It is increasingly imperative to create the necessary space for young people to participate in national and regional dialogues to bring youth issues and concerns to the front burner; this is critical to ensuring that national and regional development activities are all inclusive and caters for different groups of young people. The need to strengthen good governance practices and promoting social inclusion through affordable and functional education as means to realizing the rights of marginalized youths and young people in general.

A growing number of young people in Africa are taking to irregular migration to Europe and other developed countries as an escape from the marginalization they feel from system of governance in operation across several countries across the World. However, others who are dogged are taking up leadership roles in government as members of the Houses of Representatives both at the States and National level, public service, private sector and civil society organizations. This presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the participation and inclusiveness of young people in governance and using legislative mechanisms to advance youth development as well as curb the irregular migration trends.

Workshop Time
Tuesday 17th May 2022 : 9.30am – 12:30pm
Delegates of the World Border Security Congress are entitled to participate in the African Young People Support Centre & AU-ECOSOCC Workshop “Education; Dialogue and Youth inclusiveness in Governance: As multi-dimensional strategy to checkmate irregular migration”.

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