Migration – Creating Opportunities for Young People In Africa

Achieving Effective Border Security in Africa through Youth Engagement

Tuesday 5th October 2021 : 9:30am – 12:30pm

The World Border Security Congress provides a powerful platform for heads of government, technocrats and other key stakeholders to review the development process to secure borders, which is affecting migration around the world, particularly in Africa.

We celebrate the progress made and cooperation attained, to share knowledge and explore new avenues for building a better continent for all, and efforts for achieving SDG of the United Nations, and Agenda 2063 of the African Union.

The Congress aptly underscores our collective desire to address developmental challenges in Africa.
In this sense, the AU Summit resonates with the commitment of African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council to provide advisory role that will engender necessary actions that will address development challenges in Africa.

To this extent, the Social Affairs and Health Cluster Committee of the AU-ECOSOCC, will be hosting a Workshop on the margins of the Congress to understudy the situation and proffer necessary solutions that will address the issues of Migration in Africa.

Africa is continuously losing its young, vibrant human resources and future through irregular migration, leading through the path of death to Europe and other developed Nations. This has continued to lead to loss of thousands of lives, brain drain and depletion of Africa’s human resources.

The situation has become a global topical issue with Africa at the receiving end. We believe that the time has come for us to look inwards. The Workshop therefore is expected to identify the root causes, share experience with local and international development partners and civil society organizations with a view to curbing irregular migration of African youths and even families to Europe.

The Side Event with the theme “Migration – Creating Opportunities for Young People In Africa” will be highly interactive with Keynote presentations, Panel discussions centered on a meaningful dialogue among participants and stakeholders.

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Objective of the Workshop
Migration – Creating Opportunities for Young People In Africa
i. Convene critical stakeholders and development partners
ii. Share experience with development practitioners
iii. Understudy the perspective and Africa’s development challenges,
iv. Seek ways to ending irregular migration with its many implications,
v. To create awareness and draw necessary global actions to ending the menace in Africa.

Delegates of the World Border Security Congress are entitled to participate in the AU-ECOSOCC Workshop “Migration – Creating Opportunities for Young People In Africa”.

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