World Border Security Congress

Tony Verachtert

Chief Commissioner Tony Verachtert

Seconded Officer Belgian Federal Judicial Police – National Expert – Project Officer Transnational Crime

Council of Europe – Pompidou Group ( Strasbourg – France)

Office – Council of Europe liaison office with the EU –Brussels – Belgium

The Belgian authorities signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Council of Europe,  to second Chief Commissioner Tony Verachtert of the Belgian Federal Police, as national expert,  to the Pompidou Group as of 1 June 2013.

During this secondment, Tony Verachtert will work on the Pompidou Group’s law enforcement programme of activities, in particular the fight against trafficking of drugs by air and general aviation; the prevention of chemical precursor diversion, drugs and cybercrime and the development of tools and methodologies for law enforcement purposes.

Chief Commissioner Tony Verachtert joined the Belgian Gendarmerie in 1975. From 1987 until 1993 he served as deputy head of the Border control Gendarmerie detachment at Brussels airport In 1993, he was asked to start up with the first judicial surveillance and investigations unit at Brussels Airport, mainly dealing with drug trafficking, trafficking of human beings, money laundering and other cases of serious and organised crime. Since, he became a very active member of the Pompidou group and participated in almost all annual meetings of the Airports Group.

In 2001, Mr Verachtert was appointed head of the Federal Judicial Police force at Brussels International Airport, and it is as such that he is seconded to work for the Pompidou Group.

During his career, Tony Verachtert was very closely involved in the management of all aspects of judicial – criminal investigations, gained expertise in the use of special police techniques and international police cooperation.