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Lieutenant-General SERVATIUK Vasyl

The First Deputy Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine



Born in March 12, 1957 in Ukrainka village, Kirovohrad region.


Graduated from the High Military-Border School named after Voroshylov (in 1978) and Military Academy named after Frunze (in 1987).


1978 – 1984: served in Transcaucasian Border Guard Command as a deputy and chief of Border Posts.


1987 – 1992: served in Middle-Asian Border Guard Command (also in Afghanistan) as a Commander of mechanized manoeuvre group, deputy chief of staff, chief of staff of border guard detachment.


1992 – 1994: chief of staff of Berezynskyi border guard detachment, Border Guard troops of Ukraine.


1994 – 2000: deputy Head of Department, Head of the Department of tactics and strategy of border troops of the National Academy of Border troops of Ukraine in Khmelnytskyi.


2000 – 2003: deputy chief of staff –chief of staff of Border Command of Border Guard troops of Ukraine (State Border Guard Service of Ukraine).


2003 – 2011: head of relations with government agencies of directorate-general foreign offices service department of Kyiv City State Administration.


2007 – 2010: professor of tactics faculty of Border Troops of the Military Institute of Border Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan (part-time job).


2011 – 2014: holder of chair of Airborne Forces and Special Operations Forces in National Defense University of Ukraine.


November 5, 2014: enlisted for military service voluntarily.


Since November, 17, 2014 – First Deputy Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.


Awarded by number of National awards.


Married, has three daughters.